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About Accel Transmatic Limited

Thiruvananthapuram, 14th March 2005

The formal completion of Accel Transmatic merger with Ushus Technologies Pvt Ltd and Accel Software & Transmatic Limited was announced by the company after the AGM convened on 14-03-2005 in Thiruvananthapuram. The company officials announced during the press conference that the combined entity will now be operated as 3 business divisions for systems, technologies and training.

Ushus Technologies Pvt Ltd being selected as outsourcing partner by a Fortune 50 company.
"Accel Animation Studios' global foray with "Ek Tha Jungle" Worldwide distribution agreement signed with Monster Distributes of Ireland.
Disney Channel acquires Accel Animation's 'Ek Tha Jungle'
Accel Academy offers specialised courses from Karnataka State Open University.
Accel Animation Studios in strategic alliance with Hollywood based global distributor Long Tale to develop, co-produce and distribute animated movies.
Accel Limited
Accel Frontline Limited
Accel Systems Group Inc.
Accel Academy Limited